What is Mimo?

Mimo is building the connected nursery, for every home, across the globe. Founded in 2011 by three MIT graduates, Mimo has worked hard to develop products that help parents understand more about their babies in intuitive ways that seamlessly integrate with the technology already in their lives. Mimo is headquartered in Boston, ships out of southern New Hampshire, and is made in the USA.

Mimo has two main products: the Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor, and the Mimo Smart Baby Movement Monitor.

The Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor, our flagship product, is the world’s first smart wearable baby monitor. With your baby in Mimo’s machine washable kimono or bodysuit, your baby will be asleep, and no matter where in the world you are, you’ll get insight and data right to your phone or tablet about what’s happening with your baby. The Breathing & Activity monitor tracks your baby’s wake/sleep activity, their body position, their skin temp, and live breathing, along with live audio.

The Mimo Smart Baby Movement Monitor utilizes the same technology as the Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor, but comes in the form of a fitted cribsheet, as opposed to a wearable. The Movement Monitor tracks your baby’s wake/sleep activity as well as movement, and live audio.

Mimo is planning on extending our product line to feeding and beyond sleep activity, so stay tuned!

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