Charging your Turtle

Your Turtle needs an occasional hour of rest to keep itself fully awake - after all, your little one has a ton of energy, and someone needs to keep up. The Lilypad serves as a charging station for your Turtle, and a 1-hour charge on the Lilypad should get your Turtle to around 85%-95% of battery life, which should last you about 3-4 days of monitoring.


Please keep in mind that the first time you charge up your Turtle, the charge session may sometimes last longer than 2 hours. This can occur if your battery has been idle for some time. Don’t panic! Charging speed will improve substantially after the initial charge.

Please also be assured that although your battery is not reaching 100% in the app, they still will last 3-4 nights of sleeping cycles. 

The Lilypad will glow orange (green + red simultaneously) when the Turtle is charging, though at times during charging, you may just see green lights.

We recommend replacing your Turtle to the Lilypad after each use, to ensure it doesn’t get lost, or eaten by the dog, or go swimming in the laundry.

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