My app won’t get off “Charging”

Parents become the masters of swift movements. Sometimes, however, you can be a little too swift - meaning your Turtle doesn’t realize it has moved from the Lilypad to your baby’s kimono. If the Live Monitor screen still shows that your Turtle is charging  but your Turtle is on the kimono or cribsheet, please follow these simple steps:

  • Take the Turtle off the kimono or cribsheet
  • Place it back onto the Lilypad
  • Take it off the Lilypad and twirl it in your fingers a few times, within about 6 inches from the Lilypad
  • Do this until you see the app read “Idle” in place of "Charging"
  • The app screen should change off charging status and you are good to go!

It sounds silly but even Turtles need a little time to wake up before their very important job of monitoring your little one!


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