Troubleshooting Lilypad setup issues

Ok, so you’ve just received your Mimo and you’re psyched to set it up. You open the box, download the Mimo app from your app store, and begin following instructions to get your Lilypad setup. The issue: the lights on the bottom of the Lilypad won’t turn green.

Don’t fret! We’re here to help. As we note in the app, please give us a call if we can help you troubleshoot live (877.415.6466), but if you don’t want to talk to a human or you’re trying to set up your Mimo at 3am (we understand, we’re parents, and we’ve been there), here are a few pointers to get that Lilypad configured and glowing green.

The Lilypad’s lights won’t flash red - they just stay solid.

  • In this case, there’s something that’s not functioning properly between your setup device (e.g., your iPhone) and the Lilypad.
  • Ensure the white audio cable provided in the Mimo box is plugged in all the way to both your phone and the Lilypad, and that the volume of your device is all the way up after you plug in the audio cable.
    • Still nothing? Give us a call and we’ll ship you a new audio cable!

The Lilypad’s lights just flash red - never green.

  • With the Lilypad flashing red, this means that we’re talking with your WiFi and trying to connect to it. It also means that we’re working on establishing a connection between the Lilypad and our servers here at Mimo HQ. Both are critical and required steps to having a happy, healthy Lilypad, and a functioning Mimo.
  • Make sure you’re connected to a 2.4GHz network (Don’t know how to check? No worries - see here).
  • Make sure you’re setting up the Lilypad using the same encryption type as your home’s WiFi network (See here for more info on how to check your encryption type)
  • Make sure your router’s not on n-only mode, but instead is on b/g/n or b/g mode (Don’t know how to check this? No worries - see here for more info).
  • If your WiFi name or password has non-alphanumeric characters in it (such as a $, %, -, !, etc), we recommend removing those, as those can give the Lilypad some trouble. (Don’t know how to change your SSID or password? No worries - see here and here for more info).
  • The Lilypad struggles when you’re connecting it to a WiFi repeater or extender. Make sure you’re configuring it to your primary home WiFi network.

The Lilypad’s lights flash green and red, off and on, in a pattern.

  • You’ve found the golden ticket, since this is pretty rare. If you’re seeing a pattern that looks like the lights are flashing different colors, in a pattern that resembles short-short-short-long-long-long-short-short-short, you’re probably seeing the Lilypad send you an SOS signal in morse code. Call us - we need to get you replacement hardware!
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