Troubleshooting Turtle setup issues

Once you’ve connected your Lilypad and the lights on it’s bottom are glowing green (woohoo!), it’s time to add in your Turtle. You go and do so, but something is stopping you - something in the way of the app is giving you an error of some kind. Note that you have to configure your Lilypad *FIRST* before adding your Turtle; trying to add the Turtle BEFORE connecting your Lilypad to your home’s network will end in an error. Your Lilypad needs to be connected in order for the Turtle to start talking to our servers to tell us that it’s alive.

Some tips and tricks follow to getting your Turtle all hooked up and ready to monitor your little one.

You’re getting the error message “Invalid Turtle ID”

  • First: place your Turtle onto your connected Lilypad. Within a few seconds, the lights on the bottom of the Lilypad should change from green to glowing green + red simultaneously (it’s our attempt at orange).
  • The lights turn orange: first, just ensure that you’re entering the ID on the bottom of your Turtle (not the Lilypad - they’re different!), and that you’re using all capital letters.
    • Still not working? Give us a call. This means your Turtle may have already been setup by your partner or someone else before you - we’ll reset it for you, and you’ll be good to go.
  • The lights don’t turn orange: your Turtle’s battery may have gone to a better place. Give us a call and we’ll help or send replacement Turtle out to you.

You’re being told that you need to log in to add the Turtle, but you swear you didn’t log out.

  • We believe you! But just for the sake of it, head to the home screen of the app and log in with the email and password you used for setup. Once you’re logged back in, head to the Settings section of the app, and then to Turtles, then “+” and you should be good to go.


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