Optimizing Mimo in the Nursery

We know each Mimo setup is different - you may be co-sleeping with your baby, your baby may be in her own room, you may use a moses basket or a crib. We’ve designed the Mimo to adapt to your setup, but there are a few best practices that we recommend implementing to ensure that your Mimo operates smoothly and effectively.

  • The ideal distance between the Turtle and Lilypad is less than 5 feet.
  • If the Turtle is charging on the Lilypad, and you’re ready to move it to the kimono to begin your sleeptime routine, we recommend doing so in the same room as the Lilypad. This ensures the connection between the Turtle and the Lilypad remains strong.
  • For multiples, we recommend placing the Lilypad in between the two cribs/bassinets - again, keeping a minimal distance between the Turtles and the Lilypad.
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