Programming the Lilypad

Programming your Lilypad to your home’s WiFi network is the first step to getting your Mimo up and running. Upon downloading the Mimo app from your app store, you’ll be asked to create an account with Mimo, or sign in if you’ve already doneso. Once inside the app, head into Settings and then tap “Setup a Lilypad”. The app will guide you through programming and configuration.

There are a few states to the Lilypad that will tell you where you are in the programing process, as indicated by the lights on it’s tush:

  • Solid red lights: your Lilypad isn’t connected to your home’s WiFi, and it needs to be configured.
  • Blinking red lights: your Lilypad is talking to your home’s WiFi, and trying to talk to Mimo HQ to establish a solid connection.
  • Green lights: your Lilypad is programmed and connected to your WiFi, and successfully talking to Mimo!
  • Green + red lights (our attempt at orange): your Turtle is on charging on your connected Lilypad.

Having trouble connecting your Lilypad to your home’s WiFi network? Your Lilypad having trouble staying connected? Head on over to the Troubleshooting your Lilypad article!

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