Breathing Monitor - Reading the Live Monitor screen

The live monitor screen acts as the hub for real time information & data from your baby.

At the top of this screen you are shown your baby's name alongside it’s current body position. This will be shown as either asleep/awake and on their side/stomach/back or upright.

The middle of the screen shows you an active timeline of your baby’s breathing. This information is transferred in real time from the kimono's sensor strips.

If you have connected Mimo to your Nest home thermostat and/or camera you will be given the option to change the temperature in the nursery and view your baby.

Tapping the ‘Listen’ button at the bottom of the screen allows you to listen in to live audio of your baby.

We also proud to give parents the opportunity to log special events. By tapping the note pad in the top right hand corner you are able to record regular events and significant achievements such as a diaper change or your baby rolling over for the first time!


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