Is Mimo safe for my baby?

Absolutely. We’ve done extensive testing and research on everything from kimono fit to ensuring the Turtle isn’t a choking hazard (don’t worry, we used a standard sized tube to test for this kind of thing), and all results are extremely positive in terms of making sure the Mimo system is safe for your baby. A few key points that are super important here:

  • The Turtle emits an extremely low power bluetooth signal to connect to the Lilypad. It’s the same signal strength as having a video monitor in the same room as the baby.
  • The Lilypad emits a wifi signal, just the same as your router.
  • The kimonos are organic cotton, and the breathing sensors on the kimono are made out of standard T-shirt vinyl and don’t touch your baby’s skin.
  • The Turtle is NOT a choking hazard - it’s too fat (but please don’t tell it that it’s fat; it’s pretty self conscious).

We’ve designed the Mimo to be as safe as possible while still providing you with meaningful insight and real-time information about your baby.


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