The app reads "Not connected" but I'm trying to monitor my baby. What gives?

If your app is reading “Not connected” on the Live Monitor screen, it could either be your Turtle or your Lilypad that is not connected. The easiest way to tell is to check the lights on the bottom of your Lilypad.

If the lights on the Lilypad are red:

  • The Lilypad has become disconnected from your WiFi (e.g., your network had a burp) or the Lilypad has lost connection with the server. Try unplugging the Lilypad, waiting about 10 seconds and then plugging it back in - and maybe trying this a few times. The lights should turn green.

If the lights on the Lilypad are green:

  • Then your Turtle has disconnected. As a fix, try moving the Lilypad closer to the baby, or pop the Turtle off the kimono, place it onto the Lilypad for about 10 seconds, then place it back on the kimono or cribsheet.

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