How the Nest/Mimo integration works

You’ll see Nest information inside your Mimo app in a few different forms.

First, on the Live Monitor screen, you’ll see the connected device (or both if you’ve setup both the Thermostat and the NestCam). You’ll be able to listen to what’s going on in the nursery through the NestCam, and you’ll see the room temperature as read by the Nest Thermostat you’ve hooked up through Mimo. You can then head into the Thermostat if you decide that your baby is too warm or too cold (remember, you’ll get skin temperature range readouts from the Mimo!), and adjust the temperature of the nursery without having to head in and wake up your sleeping little one.

Second, on the Timeline screen, once the report of the latest sleep period has populated, you’ll see screengrabs from your NestCam of activity changes in your baby, as measured by your Mimo. So, if your baby rolls from her tummy to her side, we’ll capture that moment as a screenshot from the NestCam, and show that in your Timeline view.

Keep in mind that the Mimo will NOT automatically adjust the temperature of the nursery through your Nest Thermostat.

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